Mommy Makeover Testimonials

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Our Mommy Makeover patients in Los Angeles often tell us that their procedures changed their lives. We are happy to showcase some of the thoughtful cards and notes we have received from these grateful women who have become part of the Marina Plastic Surgery family. Below you will find testimonials from moms like you who chose Marina Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles for their Mommy Makeover procedures.

patient testimonial card 1

Dr. Stevens

You are a miracle maker, or as I like to say a MILF Maker!

Your the best!

patient testimonial card 2

{A} = Almost Breasts
{B} = Barely There
{C} = Can’t Complain
{D} = Damn!
{DD} = Double Damn!
{E} = Enormous!!
{F} = Fake

To the ultimate conoisseur of breasts, from a very happy and grateful work of art.

Jan H.

patient testimonial card 3

Dr. Stevens & Staff,

I’ve thanked God everyday since I met all of you and my dreams became a reality. I truly believe that this “Mommy Makeover” was meant for me. A gift from God, delivered through your talented hands; So I hope you and your staff receive 10 fold the happiness and joy I’ve received since meeting all of you.


patient testimonial card 4

Dear Dr. Stevens and Staff,

Thank you for giving me my “life” back. You have made me feel like a new person. I can hardly wait to shop at Victorias secret for the first time in my life.

patient testimonial card 5

Dear Dr. Stevens,

I just want to say thank you for enhancing my life. Three months after the following surgery I feel wonderful. The cohesive gel implant was a great choice for me. They feel very soft, and my breasts look extremely natural.

Doc, I can’t thank you enough. You and your staff have made me a new woman.

I am thrilled wih my results.

Thank you…

Thank you…

Vivian and Family

patient testimonial card 6

Dear Dr. Grant Stevens & Staff,

It has been almost 3 months since my surgery, the first couple of weeks were a little touch. At the 2 month mark I felt much better, I was able to get back to my normal routine.

I am very happy with the results, my breast are exactly the shape and size as I desired! And the scars keep fading, I can barely see them anymore.

I would recommend this surgery to any women – of course only done by you Dr. Stevens!!

Thank you for your professionalism and excellent quality of my procedure!!

Hope you have a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

patient testimonial card 7

Dr. Stevens

Thank you for the EXCEPTIONAL JOB you did for me with my Breast Augmentation.

I’m so happy!!
I love them!!
Cindy L.

patient testimonial card 8

Dr. Dr. Stevens,

Thank you again for the gift certificate to Café del Rey you gave me last Friday when I was in for my follow up. We had a great lunch break before heading home to San Diego.

Thanks for making my breast lift/reduction “experience” so easy. You and your wonderful staff (especially Patrice and Maria) are the BEST!

There must be 100 plastic surgeons between San Diego and LA, but I would choose you again – in a HEART BEAT!

Toni A

P.S. Saw you the other night on “Extra”!

patient testimonial card 9

Dr. Stevens,

Thank you so very much for really changing my life for the better. I feel truly complete, thanks to your miracle workings. You are an incredibly generous person and very talented doctor. You are very professional and made me feel very comfortable and that helped. I am very pleased.

Thanks again,


patient testimonial card 10

Dr. Grant Stevens,

“In everyone’s body, there is a flower ready to be born”.

I would love to thank you and your staff for the great support and kindness. From the time I heard you talk at your seminar, I knew that you were the doctor for me.

Your staff is kind and patient to all questions and billing. You have been taking care of me from the first day we met. Your smiling face and outgoing personality have been enjoyable. I would highly recommend Marina Plastic Surgery Associates Medical Corporation-Dr. Grant Stevens.

Pictures never lie. The change in my body is great. Even at eleven weeks, I can see the changes. I have no regret of any of the choices that I have made to help my appearance in my body. I will be back.



P.S. Your patient for life.

patient testimonial card 11

Dear Dr. Stevens,

I just wanted to express to you how incredibly happy I am and have been since my surgery. I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to run with only one sports bra without everyone gawking or to go shopping and actually find dresses that fit and are flattering.

This has been the most important and life influencing decision I have made this far and I have had absolutely no second thoughts or regrets.

You did a fantastic job and I am very grateful.

Thank you so much,


patient testimonial card 12

Dr. Stevens and Charlie Sheridan,

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all you have done for me. Charlie, you put up with me and went out of your way to work around my horrible schedule. And Dr. Stevens, your wonderful talent gave me the beautiful results I have today. Thank you both for making my surgery possible and for making me a very, very happy girl! I can’t explain how appreciative I am. I can’t wait to go shopping either!!



patient testimonial card 13

Dr. Stevens,

Thank you for doing such a fabulous job on my body. It truly is a dream come true for me. You provide such a wonderful service. May all your dreams come true!

God Bless You!


patient testimonial card 14

Dear Dr. Stevens,

I had hoped for any small improvement but you gave me so much more My tummy is beautiful! Thank you so much.



Dr. Stevens gave me a breast reduction and lift. I had NO problems healing and it’s been one of the best things I ever did for myself. I should have done it years earlier. The scars have faded to almost nothing and they look gorgeous.

Do not hesitate to go to Dr. Stevens for this. He does perfect work!


*Individual results may vary


I think of you often when I put on a form-fitting dress that shows a flat tummy and breasts that don’t sag…the mommy makeover was the best thing I have ever done (well, besides giving birth to Ryan), my self-esteem climbed so high and it went higher today…I just got back from the office getting BOTOX!! Once again, thank you so much for all you did with my mommy makeover and then sending the BOTOX coupon out, you are like my body guardian angel! I will always appreciate what you have done for me…you truly are an angel!!

Dr. Grant Stevens is the biggest reason I look the way I do. I will forever be grateful and appreciative of ALL of you did (everything from the consultation $ to the actual surgery recovery). I am a recovering addict who was scared to death to have to take painkillers for this, but because of your superior skills, I didn’t have to be on them long at all, so that was an issue that you made SO much easier. I could go on and on about how much happier I am and how my self-image took a HUGE leap and how I LOVE to put on bikinis, but I think you get the picture. I believe everyone that walks through that door for you should write a testimonial, you are SO worth it!!

Thank you again and again and again!!

Love and sincerely,

*Individual results may vary

Dear Dr. Stevens and Charlie,

WOW, I cannot thank you enough for the fabulous results on my face and eyes!! Every time I look in the mirror, I am a bit startled with my new looks. Oh, I am the same person, but I now have a much more youthful look. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

Dr. Stevens, I love my eyes. I get so many compliments with friends telling me how good I look. They think it is because I retired, but I know it it is because you did such a terrific job on my eyes! I, of course, have shared the real truth with some very close friends. I am so proud of your work. The final touch, of course, was the Pearl Treatment. Thank you Dr. Stevens and Charlie for this amazing gift! Cory did a superb job, and within one week, my face was cleansed of those remaining brown spots. A couple of months prior to this treatment, I had the Melanage Treatment which was a perfect jump start to the Pearl Treatment.

I truly appreciate all of the services you provide. I am not one to “jump in” and go for a big change right away, so over the years I have taken advantage of your many offerings: BioMedic Facials, BOTOX®, Restylane, Permanent Makeup, etc. Cory is the BEST! She is by far the consummate professional. She have been so patient with me, answering many, many questions. I trust her explicitly.

As you stated in your December letter to me, “Age…But don’t get older! ….Because aging should be a beautiful experience.” Today is my birthday, and I have just turned 64. I must admit that this is the first time that I have truly felt that aging is a beautiful experience. Thank you for helping me with my journey. I will return again very soon.


*Individual results may vary

I am a mother of one who suffered from a “deflated” chest. Prior to pregnancy, I had a full chest and was very happy with my appearance. Since having my daughter I have used many techniques to give the appearance of a larger bustline. I bought padded bras and gel inserts for my bra so that I could fit into certain types of clothing. I had always thought about getting breast augmentation, but never thought that it was right for me…until I saw the new Silicone “Gummy” implants. Everyone I saw who had them looked so natural and raved about the fact that they felt natural too. I knew right then that I had to have them! I had a consultation with Dr. Grant Stevens at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates to determine if I was a candidate for this procedure. Luckily I was, and I scheduled my surgery right away. I was back to work after a week, and only experienced minor swelling. Having breast augmentation not only improved my appearance, but it also helped me to feel more confident and feminine. The whole experience was wonderful, and I highly recommend Dr. Stevens to everyone!


*Individual results may vary

I was 42 years old and in the middle of a divorce, when I found myself wanting to improve my life physically and emotionally. My self-esteem and my body had suffered from being uncomfortable with my appearance, and endless yo-yo diets coupled with the results of having 3 pregnancies.

I started to pursue my long term career goals that had been pushed aside for years. Once I got the job I had longed for, I started to save my money for the surgery I desired as well. Soon, I had a consult with Dr. Grant Stevens in California. The entire experience was wonderful. The staff was knowledgeable and professional and most importantly, Dr Stevens gave me confidence and hope. It has been 13 years since having my breast augmentation and tummy tuck, and yet I am still reminded each and every day how grateful I am to have had the surgery. I remain very satisfied with the results, and have gained more confidence in myself. Thank you Dr Stevens for improving the quality of my life!


*Individual results may vary

Dear Charlie and Marina Plastic Surgery Associates:

Words cannot describe my transformation! For the first time in my life I feel “beautiful.”

As a wife, mother, grandmother and executive director of a nonprofit agency serving homeless women and children, I would have heretofore described myself as intelligent, loving, positive, and hard working. However, under no circumstances would I have described myself as “beautiful.” The past several years I have tried to ignore my aging face by burying myself in my work. Housing abused and abandoned women with children and teaching them to how to leave the past behind, became the primary source of my self-esteem. Additionally, the long hours I was putting into my work was taking its toll on my life, and the proof was showing on my face.

Like most women, I spent a fortune on creams, serums, vitamins and special diets, but nothing really worked. My already damaged self esteem was taking additional hits from store clerks who offered me their senior discount (ouch!), and I am not a senior! I hit an all time low when I reviewed an infomercial that I had prepared in order to raise funds for homeless children. A part of me died that day as I sat and watched “in Technicolor” every reason why those store clerks offered me a “senior discount.”

I found sharing my woes with my dearest friend and colleague whom I trust immensely. She kindly listened and then in her typical fashion took action by connecting me with you and your company. While I was somewhat hesitant to do something for myself, my desire to reverse or even minimize the signs of aging overrode my sense of humility.

I must confess that I was a little anxious when I first arrived at the Marina Plastic Surgery office. I was happy and excited but also apprehensive. I was unsure if your practice could erase all those lines and sun damage etched across my face. My fear and anxiety were quickly put to rest when I met your very warm and professional team. Charlie, the Director, greeted me with open arms and introduced me to Carla and Cory, two very caring and professional Physician’s Assistants. Together they evaluated the condition of my face and devised a comprehensive and custom treatment plan just for me. I left that first appointment feeling hopeful, and extremely enthusiastic.

The plan included a BioMedic MicroPeel, Thermage and Pearl Fractional treatments, BOTOX, and fillers- such as Restalyne and Juvaderm , along with some amazing skin care products. Some of the treatments that were suggested I had never even heard of, yet the staff was great and explained every detail of each treatment before they began each procedure. The whole experience was amazing. The treatments were administered in a lovely setting by very knowledgeable, skilled, and caring individuals. I cannot say enough about Cory Felber & Carla Lovato – they surpassed my expectations. For the first time in my life, I feel like a Queen!

Each treatment brought results and new hope. The BioMedic MicroPeel was so relaxing (I loved those warm mitts). My skin glowed and I felt radiant. The Thermage treatment (radiofrequency waves) deeply penetrated my skin where it stimulated my own collagen to lift and tighten my sagging skin. Prior to the more extensive treatments, I was placed into a private room where I comfortably relaxed while the light sedative and numbing cream took effect. The results are astounding! My face looks and feels much firmer and tighter and continues to improve with time.

There was very little or no down time with the Pearl, which wonderfully resurfaced the top third of my skin, while stimulating development of new collagen. The result is the elimination of lines, sun damage, and I was left with soft, baby-like skin.

The BOTOX injections were so fast and easy…and I am kicking myself for not having done these years ago. I could have prevented so many expression lines by just having a few simple injections every four to six months

The Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse and Perlane fillers have completed my makeover. They filled in and erased the facial lines that remained–even around my lips! Cory and Carla worked together to produce for me the most amazing set of lips. They are completely natural looking, and youthfully beautiful. For the first time in my life I am wearing lipstick. My friend, upon seeing me, exclaimed: “Tara, you have lips! Very sexy.” I feel like a brand new woman!

I hope many women take the time to view my before and after pictures, my transformation is so amazing. I look and feel at least 15 years younger. My husband is so crazy about the results that he has set up an account to cover the cost of maintaining the results that Marina Plastic Surgery has achieved for me.

I am so grateful to Dr. Stevens, Charlie, Cory, Carla, and all of the staff; They truly transformed more than my face, as they helped me to see that I am truly “beautiful” and that I both deserve and need to care myself in the same way I care for others

Thank you all at Marina Plastic Surgery for “taking me from crayons to perfume” and, in doing so, restoring my self esteem. May God richly bless each one of you!

With love and gratitude,

*Individual results may vary

Dear Dr. Stevens, Charlie, Patrice and Staff,

Thank you so much for your help. The surgery has improved my life. It is so nice not to hurt anymore. No more back pain, neckpain, or headaces. My children thank you too! They have noticed how much better I feel all the time. They get so excited when I can play with them and not hurt. My clothes and bras fit and look so much nicer now. Having the breast reduction was one of the best things I have done for myself.

It would not have been possible without your help. It is great to know that the best doctors are possible.

You all are so wonderful and caring to me and my family. So supportive and understanding to my feelings.

Thank you again!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Jennifer C. and family

*Individual results may vary

Dear Dr. Stevens,

Just wanted to follow up with you after 21 years. You gave me a breast implant years ago in your last month as chief resident at Washington University. I was a nurse there and got a great deal financially having ‘students’ do surgery and anesthesia. To make a long story short, I saw you interviewed recently on some celebrity related program my daughter had on. I thought of meeting you in 1984 or 85 and how you told me that your dream was to work in California – helping beautiful women stay that way! Congratulations on living your dream.

Your bio and web site are great. My implants are GREAT, still. I am nearly 50 years old and have soft, shapely, healthy 36C breasts. Not only that, but I have breast fed babies since the surgery without any problems. Just thought you might be interested in some of your first and finest (!) work.

Good luck and continued success,
Pat A.

*Individual results may vary

August 17, 2001

Dear Dr. Stevens and Staff:

I can’t believe that four months has passed since my breast reduction surgery. I have been so thrilled with the results. It truly has given me reason to go on to further improve my health and appearance. I feel lighter and I do stand taller. My friends ask me what have you done to yourself? My breast are actually better than they were when I was in my twenties and early thirties.

I will turn 55 on August 21 and realize that the aging process can now be an exciting one. My husband suggested I consult with you after watching a report on NBC news of the “Stevens Bra Lift” He knew that the one part of my body that had once been firm and full was now beginning to sag becoming uneven and uncomfortable and I was just about to give up trying to do anything about it. What he did not know is that you were recommended to me as one of the best plastic surgeon’s in California and that I had been planning to consult with you when the time was right for a face lift. As a flight attendant with a major airline we are constantly sharing health and beauty information with flying partners. Your name is one that is both recognized and respected.

Whenever I come to your office whether for a facial I realize that I am being provided with the most advanced procedures available today. Please add my name to your list of happy patients. I would recommend any person who is considering any type of cosmetic or esthetic procedure to first consult with you and your staff. Thank you all at The Institute for your compassion and brilliance.

Most sincerely,

*Individual results may vary

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