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As a mom, you’re used to making tough choices for the wellbeing of your children. Looking out for your own health requires the same focus and determination.

When choosing among the many plastic surgeons in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills for your mommy makeover, you have a lot to consider. Education and experience are important, but so are talent, skill and bedside manner. You will find this exceptionally rare combination of personality, credentials, and care at Marina Plastic Surgery.

Mom’s Checklist

When shopping in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills for your plastic surgeon, be sure to check these off your list:

Did you know that a general physician can legally perform plastic surgery without having had any formal plastic surgery training? Our surgeons have completed many years of hands-on plastic surgery training and are experienced performing a variety of plastic surgery procedures.

If you have ever hired a babysitter or put your child in daycare, you know that experience matters. The same is true for your plastic surgeon. Our have nearly 35 years of collective experience. They have performed thousands of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures and countless complex reconstructive surgery cases.

Plastic surgery is a big decision and it’s especially significant for moms. You have a family to think about and you need a surgeon who understands your concerns and responsibilities. Our surgeons are compassionate people with families of their own. They will partner with you to develop a workable treatment plan that accommodates your busy lifestyle while providing you with the results you want.

A good plastic surgeon will be respected by both their peers and their patients. Our surgeons are prominent members of the medical community and belong to prestigious medical organizations. They are also widely acclaimed on review websites like

Moms are the glue that hold every family together, the person everyone relies on. That’s why is especially important for you to put your safety first when considering plastic surgery. Our surgical suite is fully accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) and all anesthesiologists are certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology.

What about price?
Marina Plastic Surgery understands that financing is a big factor for many moms. And while cutting corners is sometimes necessary for the budget, “bargain” plastic surgery is never a good idea. Your health and safety are at stake, which is why price should never be the deciding factor in your search for a plastic surgeon.

We strive to maintain competitive prices with others in our market, and we offer several payment options to help make your procedure more affordable and convenient. Our surgeons and staff will work with you to arrange financing that fits within your budget so that you can enjoy the things that really matter.

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