Planning Your Makeover

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Deciding to undergo a Mommy Makeover in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills is just the first step. Once you make those important decisions regarding your plastic surgery after pregnancy, you’ll need to prepare for your procedure. On this page, you will find helpful information to ensure that your experience with us runs as smoothly as possible.

Planning for Your Mommy Makeover

Preparing for your Mommy Makeover can make a significant difference in the success of your surgery and recovery. The following are some precautionary measures you can take to safeguard your outcome.

Be in Good Health
Strong health is important. You want to be as healthy as possible on the day of your surgery. If you have medical conditions that interfere with your health, be sure to discuss them with your doctor during your consultation. If something has come up after the consultation, call the office to discuss your new condition. If something arises on the day of the procedure, it is in your best interest to discuss the situation with your doctor before the surgery. No matter how excited you are to have your Mommy Makeover, risking complications due to illness or injury can be dangerous.

Stop Smoking
If you smoke, you need to quit at least a month before surgery and continue cessation through the entire recovery process. Smoking can cause complications during surgery. Smoking constricts the blood vessels, reducing the amount of oxygen delivery to your cells. Lack of oxygen-rich blood flow diminishes your body’s ability to heal and causes scars to mend poorly.

You will be asked to avoid over-the-counter medications that thin the blood, which can cause difficulty in surgery. Your doctor will give you a list of the medications to avoid and the duration of cessation prior to your procedure.

Follow Doctor’s Orders
Following your doctor’s preoperative instructions is very important. You may be asked to avoid drinking and eating the night before your surgery or asked to refrain from taking certain medications, vitamins, or minerals. If you forget not to eat or drink, or if you have taken anything your doctor did not recommend, it is crucial that you inform your doctor before the procedure. Your safety is always of the utmost importance.

Preparing your home for recovery is prudent. Your doctor can suggest many conveniences that may help you, depending on your procedure. For instance, if your mobility will be limited, it may be helpful to move objects from high shelves.

You will need someone to drive you home after your procedure, and we also recommend having someone stay with you for the first day or 2 after surgery.

During the recovery period, many of our fly-in patients choose to stay at Serenity aftercare facility, where 24-hour nursing care and all the amenities of a luxury hotel ensure that you are safe and comfortable.

Your doctor may prescribe medications to alleviate pain and to help with the healing process. Be sure to follow the prescriptions exactly and completely. You will be given contact information to help you answer any questions during your recovery process. You can learn more about recovery from tummy tuck or breast lift in Los Angeles on other pages of this site.

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