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Your children are your top priority, and that’s exactly what they should be. But maybe taking care of yourself has fallen down the list a bit too much, and you want to feel confident and beautiful again.

For many moms, blemished, damaged, or wrinkled skin is just another sign that there aren’t enough hours in the day. Even if you’re always short on time, your skin can be radiant and vibrant with the help of the latest skin care in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area.

Why consider skin rejuvenation?

Even before you became a mom, you were most likely well aware that pregnancy would change your body. You may not have realized, though, how much pregnancy can affect your skin.

Many moms experience hormone changes during pregnancy that cause acne to develop, and in some cases, active acne can continue after childbirth, particularly as the stresses of motherhood mount. The staff at our clinic, The Institute, offers Los Angeles patients skin care for both active acne and acne scarring to restore smooth, blemish-free skin. Laser procedures can help moms who are faced with acne, skin discolorations, or the onset of spider veins on their cheeks, thighs, or lower legs.

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How it works

The Institute offers a full range of skincare procedures in Los Angeles to keep your skin looking healthy and attractive, including several laser and injectable wrinkle treatments, photofacials and peels for excessive pigmentation, and laser hair removal, in addition to a wide range of other treatments.

Many women find that their Mommy Makeover isn’t complete without opting for medical spa treatments or meeting with a staff member to create a personalized skincare product plan.

The surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery understand the important role that daily skin care plays in keeping a woman looking healthy and vibrant. The staff at The Institute has carefully evaluated and selected product lines that meet patient needs and offer real results. If you’re looking for the latest body and facial skincare products in Los Angeles, many available only through a physician, visit our skin store.

Is follow-up required?

Follow-up appointments are not usually required after skincare procedures.

However, if you are on a skincare regimen that includes several treatment sessions, you should expect to return for subsequent procedures every few weeks until your program is complete.

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