Liposuction ModelYou would think that working around the clock, taking care of an infant, chasing after a toddler or worrying about an adolescent would be enough to keep any amount of weight off. You may even exercise regularly and eat sensibly. But many times after childbirth the body’s fat distribution shifts. Diet resistant fat on the thighs, hips and abdomen may become an increasingly difficult problem. Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Beverly Hills patients are choosing power-assisted liposuction to improve these areas with minimal scarring. Body sculpting using power-assisted liposuction is a state of the art technique for reclaiming a mother’s figure after childbearing.

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3 out of 5

Surgery Time:

2 out of 5

Liposuction takes 1 to 3 hours.


2 out of 5

Patients need 3 to 7 days to recover before returning to work. Improvement is noticeable immediately. The results continue to get better as the swelling resolves over several months. A special compression garment is helpful to reduce swelling.

Why consider liposuction?

There are some areas of fat deposits that will not go away no matter how much you diet and exercise. Imagine having shapely thighs, curvy hips, a heart-shaped bum, a flat tummy, slim knees, or sleek calves. Recent innovations in liposuction make this procedure highly desirable among Los Angeles moms who just need a little extra help getting rid of the extra fat deposits remaining from their pregnancy. If you are also bothered by excess skin, you may want to consider a Los Angeles tummy tuck.

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How it works.

Liposuction is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthetic. Power-assisted liposuction utilizes a vibrating cannula that is inserted through tiny incisions to gently shake the fat cells loose. This facilitates suction removal of fat with more precision and less trauma than other liposuction techniques.

This may surprise you, but the removal of fat through liposuction is permanent. After adolescence our bodies do not create new fat cells. Once a fat cell is removed, it will not “grow back.” If you gain weight, the remaining fat cells will still enlarge, but the areas treated with liposuction will never be as large as they would have been without the procedure.

Is follow-up required?

Sutures are removed one week after surgery. Patients are seen again one or more months later when the swelling has mostly resolved.

If you are seriously considering liposuction surgery we invite you to continue your research by reading the eBook prepared by our practice, explaining the plastic surgery process from start to finish. Also, visit a site we have developed exclusively for our Los Angeles and Beverly Hills liposuction procedures. This site explores details of how the surgery is performed and explains more about the potential risks and complications that come with this procedure.

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