Julie, Newly Confident and Happy

Julie is a 38 year-old mother of 3 who is in her 4th week of recovery after receiving a breast reductionStevens’ Laser Bra lifttummy tuck, and touch up liposuction of the upper and outer thighs.

This is Julie’s first experience with cosmetic surgery, though she received three C-sections for the births of her children. “I had three huge children, and I wanted to reverse the changes my body went through with pregnancy and nursing.” Julie explained, “You can’t reverse time, but I wanted to take back the effects of child bearing. I wanted to feel good about myself once again.”

“It’s only been four weeks since my surgery, and already it looks wonderful. It’s almost beyond words,” Julie beams. “I don’t have the discomfort of large, saggy breasts. I’m able to tuck in my shirts. I’m already thrilled, and it will be even better in two months. Even my scars are nice. Everything is smooth.”

Julie found out about Dr. Stevens and Marina Plastic Surgery by word of mouth. “I asked around and did a small amount of research. I was given a personal recommendation for Dr. Stevens, and then I saw something on television for his Laser Bra lift. And I thought to myself, ‘I don’t just want a reduction, I want a lift.’ I wanted to have confidence in the doctor I chose, and Dr. Stevens is the pioneer of the Laser Bra. The person who recommended Dr. Stevens showed me her breast reduction, so I started to research his work myself.”

“I really appreciated Dr. Stevens’ honesty,” Julie says about her consultation. “He was very thorough. I watched the videos. The nurses were very polite and helpful. I had asked Dr. Stevens about having my upper arms done, and he advised against it. He didn’t just pile on another surgery. That gave me a lot of confidence in him.”

When asked about the actual surgery, Julie said, “Everyone was very discreet and respectful the day of the surgery. I really liked the nurse who helped with the preparations and the pictures. The anesthesiologist had called before I came in because I had problems with nausea during my C-sections. They really listened to me, and promised that I wouldn’t be sick – and I wasn’t. They were very quick about putting me under, which I think helped. I don’t remember much of anything for the next two days. I have no memory of pain or suffering and I had no nausea.”

Dr. Stevens’ patients are given the option of staying at the Serenity Aftercare Facility in Santa Monica. Serenity offers luxury and professional medical staff for a comfortable and safe surgical recovery. “I stayed at the Serenity center for two days which was great.” Julie says of her post op experience. “With 3 children at home, staying at Serenity allowed me to rest and relieved my family of having to worry about me.”

When asked about her recovery, Julie felt that she was really prepared, “I really liked how thorough they were. They gave me printed sheets about everything and told me how to prepare for recovery, what to have ready, so I felt very confident about the surgery before I went in. They gave me prescriptions and information about homeopathic medication to reduce swelling, bleeding and bruising. I have other friends who didn’t get information like that for their procedures with other doctors, and it made a huge difference. They told me what to stop taking before the surgery. They gave me anxiety and pain medication to keep me very comfortable. They were so thorough and supplied everything I needed.”

“They were very thoughtful when I returned after the surgery to have the sutures and drains removed,” said Julie. “They were very conscientious about the pain and discomfort of removing the tape and bandages.”

Julie offered some additional insight into the recovery process, “I believe it takes longer to recover than what people say. I’m following what the doctor and nurses told me to a T. I actually stayed off the pain medication, so I wouldn’t feel too good, and so I wouldn’t try to do too much. I did a little too much one day and was in pain. I called, and they put me right through to the nurse. She talked me through it. They provide great aftercare.”

“They prepared me so well. I had no unanswered questions. I went into the surgery confident and excited for it.” Julie remembered her first check up, “I walked in and said, ‘I could hug every one of you! Thank you!'”

“I didn’t know what pregnancy would do to my body, and now it’s almost completely reversed. It’s given me my confidence back. I am actually looking forward to the summer. I am so excited to go and find a swimsuit I can wear without being embarrassed about my breasts and stomach. I’m not a size 2, but I wasn’t looking for that. I just wanted to feel good about me again. I want to go romp on the beach with my children and my husband, who has never said a negative comment about my body before the surgery. My husband is very supportive, and he’s not turned off by the scarring in any way. It’s just great to feel confident about my body when I’m with him.”

Julie waited until she had finished nursing and her youngest was almost 3 before having her surgery. Her advice to other mothers considering a mommy makeover is to wait until they don’t have to pick up their children. “Kids want to be held, and it’s hard not to be able to pick them up for a few weeks. My youngest is able to crawl up onto my lap, and that’s important.” Julie recommends the surgery to any mom in good health.

Julie wanted a breast reduction since she was in her early 20’s, but she knew of women who had the procedure, and then had children, and had to have the procedure again. “One of the most wonderful things about the breast reduction is not needing to wear under-wire bras. It’s so nice to not have back and neck pain or to wear binding bras. It’s not just that my breasts feel firm and lifted, but they are so light. I can see my toes. When something drops, it hits the ground and not my chest. When we go to dinner, my breasts don’t hit the table or the dinner plate. The freedom is wonderful.

One of the best advantages to having this surgery is that my youngest child can now snuggle close to me. The wires from my bras used to dig into her, and she would say, ‘Wire bra hurt, momma.’ Which was truer than she could ever know.”

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